How December looks like from a DDoS view

With every ears December, we see a increasing amount of ddos attacks towards our customer. This is our view: Thanks to our awesome ddos protection, these attacks were filtered before they could reach the targeted servers. We are very proud to be able to filter almost every attack with our self developed flowShield.

New Uplink to Locix Frankfurt

To continue supporting our growth, we have enabled a new uplink to Locix Frankfurt. The peering connection to Locix enables us to provide you even less latency towards your servers, higher throughput and increased network uptime. Other locix participants are welcome to directly peer with us (AS30823) if they meet our requirements. You can find […]

How to harden your Debian / Ubuntu Server against hacking attempts

Once you run a server, whether Cloud or Dedicated Server, it is necessary to secure it against attacks from the Internet. A public reachable IP address already presents a potential danger, bots occasionally scan the IP address ranges of providers and automatically enforce attacks against various services (such as SSH), with the aim later for […]

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is coming

Something’s going on! – Soon we will start the free beta test for our monitoring as a service (MaaS) 🙂 With the launch of the beta, we will offer a comprehensive monitoring system for the uncomplicated monitoring of Linux, BSD and Windows servers. An important must-have for professional server operation to detect anomalies within a […]

How to speed up cloud deployments with

As customers want a easy way to speed up cloud deployments, we have invented a new tool to automatically spin up a lot instances with just a few simple steps. From now, the new tool is available for all customers.   Just click on “Add instance” within   And the tool will appear, making […]

Cloud Server Manager – New features (Free VPL, VNC, Automation)

We’ve released the recent version of our Cloud Server Manager. You are now able to add one free VPL Instance and free 1Gbit Interfaces. Also, we added the possibility to change the keyboard layout of VNC connections and to run own commands during the reinstallation process, for example puppet or aptitude. We’re still working on […]

New hardware for our Cloud Servers

We’re currently experimenting with new hardware for our Cloud Servers, HP Enterprise Blade Servers equipped with Dual 10-Core Intel Xeon E5, 192GB of memory and two SAS disks. Storage is provided by a SAN solution, which is connected with multiple 10Gbit links. We can get about 800MB/s of Disk I/O for one single physical server, […]

How we made ddos protection more efficient

If we talk about ddos protection, there are several requirements to spend attention to. In general, you need to take care about two relevant sorts of ddos attacks – network level and application level attacks. Network level attacks target the network connection and stack of your server. Most network level attacks reach a few hundred […]

Run your own private lan across Cloud Servers

Virtual Private Lan (in short “VPL”) is our title for fully isolated, software defined, private networks which you can add flexible on your cloud server instances. How does VPL work? A VPL works like a V-Lan, isolating all traffic and providing you the ability to run your own network infrastructure on top of ours. VPL […]