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Next Gen HDD Cloud Storage

We recently enhanced our Cloud Storage by additional nodes, which we call “Next Gen Cloud Storage”, due to their capability to provide increased performance and capacity. Servers which are providing storage for our cloud, are called “Storage Node“. Hardware Setup The setup consists of four HP Enterprise servers, which provide 18TB of storage each. Storage […]

Introducing Cloud Backup

A few days ago, we introduced our self-written app called “Cloud Backup”, which ensures that Cloud Servers are daily backed up on physical diverse Backup Nodes. What is Cloud Backup? Cloud Backup is a application written in Python, which talks to our API and creates daily backups based on the decisions provided. With Cloud Backup, […]

Discontinuation of the web hosting offer and future plans for our cloud environment

After intensive discussion we decided to offer no domain names and no web hosting in the future to focus completely on cloud and dedicated servers. The webhosting business has always been a self-running venture, which we have neither promoted nor developed further. After almost 10 years in the webhosting business, we are cutting this business […]

How a single SSD vendor turned down the performance of our GlusterFS

Back in January 2020, we were introducing our new Cloud Cluster, which offers both High Availability as well as simplified node migrations and shared storage. For the new environment, we have a four node GlusterFS running (plus two Arbiter Nodes) which offers (normally) very fast I/O and IOPS. Every node was built up on SSDs […]

Upgrading our FFM2 location`s network connectivity

We’ve recently upgraded our network connectivity at our FFM2 location by another 10Gbit DWDM link. The new link ensures that we have enough capacity available at that location during “rush hours”. The next upgrades are planned for our uplinks to Core-Backbone and RETN, which will extend our network and ddos protection capabilities by +100%.

New Cloud Environment going live

Over the past weeks, we’ve built a new cloud environment which offers both highest redundancy, availability and computing ressources. The new environment consists of multiple HPE Bladeservers, multiple SSD Storage Servers and multiple 10Gbit Switches stacked in a failsafe n+1 configuration. Redundancy and Scalability on Storage Level is provided by GlusterFS. On Virtualization Level, we […]

Say hello to our new core routing

We recently upgraded our core routing in Frankfurt, which consisted of two Juniper Networks EX4500. Since we did the upgrade, we have two QFX5100-48S-6Q in operation. This setup allows us to provide you a failsafe, extensible and future proof network connectivity. As with the old stack, the new stack also provides a minimum capacity of […]

More HPE bladeservers going live

We have just racked a new HPE C7000 equiped with 16 bladeservers. That beast is equipped with 320 Intel Xeon E5 Cores, 3584GB memory and 64TB SSD Storage – might be enough for a short time 😉

New Cloud Server offers

We have updated our cloud server offers to provide more resources at lower costs. From our perspective, the new offers for SSD Cloud Servers are quite good. Starting at 2,95€ per month, you get a server with one cpu core, 2GB of memory and 30GB ssd storage. The new products are focused on up to […]