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Our new website is live – Hooray!

In 2012, we started to provide game servers, virtual machines and webhosting to our customers, using our own hardware.

Our brand KMS-Hosting evolved over the years and got bigger, we started to use professional HP Servers, rolled out our own network infrastructure using Dell Force10 equipment and focused more and more on virtual machines and dedicated servers. Nowadays, we operate a three letter amount of servers within two datacenters in Frankfurt, using our own Juniper network.


However, as the time goes by, we are now orienting more on cloud computing. In order to provide our customers real Cloud Servers, we rebuilt large parts of our web interface from scratch over the last months. This process involved a lot of programming hours, git commits and testing. Basically most evenings were filled with meetings to reach the current state.

The outcome from all the hard work are now easily usable features like fast scaling, duplicating, backups, snapshots, private lan and soon also block storage. With our API, we provide a flexible way of spinning up a load of servers within minutes, without the need to worry about hardware, network or software.


As the brand KMS-Hosting is not longer the right way to identify us, we decided to invent a new brand identity –, which is the product of a few months hard work and evaluation. We are happy about our new brand and will continue to work on additional services like Monitoring (MaaS), High Availability (HaaS) and some optimizations regarding our API and customer area in general.