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How to speed up cloud deployments with

As customers want a easy way to speed up cloud deployments, we have invented a new tool to automatically spin up a lot instances with just a few simple steps. From now, the new tool is available for all customers.


Just click on “Add instance” within


And the tool will appear, making you able to create up to 10 instances instantly. You can also set a custom hostname, point the networking into a VPL (Private Lan, requires your own DHCP) and run preseed commands to finalize your instance configuration directly after installation. You can also spin up instances only for 15 days, which allows you far more flexibility in terms of short load spikes.

By using the preseed commands in combination with your own puppet or scripting, you are able to automatically configure every instance based on it’s hostname. For example, if you need to add ten more application servers in order to cover a visitor spike on your website, you can do this now fully automatically. Just let our deployment and your own configuration management do the job of initial installation and configuration tasks.