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Cloud Server Manager – New features (Free VPL, VNC, Automation)

We’ve released the recent version of our Cloud Server Manager. You are now able to add one free VPL Instance and free 1Gbit Interfaces. Also, we added the possibility to change the keyboard layout of VNC connections and to run own commands during the reinstallation process, for example puppet or aptitude.

We’re still working on automated mass-deployment and other trendsetting features.


VPL (Virtual Private Lan)

We’ve implemented free VPL Instances and Interfaces. You can now use our VPL feature at zero costs, making you able to interconnect multiple servers privately. For example, you can combine a dedicated firewall / routing instance with multiple other interfaces.


VNC Keyboard Layout

Due to some requests of our customers, the keyboard layout for VNC can now be changed between DE and US.


Reinstallation Scripting (Preseed)

You can now run your own scripts up on reinstallation. For example, you can automatically install packages or run puppet in order to fully automate the deployment of your servers.