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Run your own private lan across Cloud Servers

Virtual Private Lan (in short “VPL”) is our title for fully isolated, software defined, private networks which you can add flexible on your cloud server instances.

How does VPL work?

A VPL works like a V-Lan, isolating all traffic and providing you the ability to run your own network infrastructure on top of ours. VPL makes you able to save money by using a bunch of Cloud Servers instead of dedicated server and network hardware.

What are the typical VPL use-case scenarios?

Just imagine you want to run a few Cloud Servers behind a firewall, operate your own AS (BGP Session) with us or provide ip-addresses of a subnet over multiple servers. VPL provides you the freedom to exchange traffic between multiple Cloud Servers, without any sort of filtering.

How to create a VPL between multiple Cloud Servers?

Just login to our customer area, click on the desired Cloud Server and it’s tab “Private Lan”. To start, you need to order a VPL Instance, which is basically the isolated network itself. You only need one VPL Instance for one isolated network, you can use the same VPL Instance over multiple servers.

After your newly created VPL Instance has been provisioned, you have the ability to add different types of VPL Interfaces – for example at the time of writing, we provide 1Gbit, 2Gbit and 5Gbit Interfaces. A VPL Interface is the network adapter, which gets attached to your server and points in the VPL.

In order to add the same VPL Instance on another Cloud Server, you just need to add another VPL Interface on the second server.

Afterwards, both servers are interconnected within the VPL by a second, dedicated network adapter. You can now configure a private subnet, both servers will be able to talk to each other internally.