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Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is coming

Something’s going on! – Soon we will start the free beta test for our monitoring as a service (MaaS) 🙂

With the launch of the beta, we will offer a comprehensive monitoring system for the uncomplicated monitoring of Linux, BSD and Windows servers. An important must-have for professional server operation to detect anomalies within a short time.

If a malfunction occurs, our MaaS will send e-mails, SMS and telegram notifications or execute external HTTP requests, for example to API interfaces.

Hosts and services can be monitored in different ways. We will initially provide tcp, udp, icmp, nrpe, content and ssl checks.

Whether our MaaS service is used with servers at or at another provider, is not relevant. However, we are also thinking about extending our cloud servers with additional automatisms, whereby the configuration of the MaaS is done automatically when ordering a server.