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Updates to our customer area – Selectable runtime extension and increased contract retention time

Yesterday, we’ve released some updates to our customer area ( With this blog post, we want to provide you some insights into our software developement.

Selectable contract runtime extension

From now, you can extend your contracts by 15, 30, 90 and 180 days. On 90 and 180 days we grant a discount of 10 or 15% of the price for the entire extension, including also addons.

Increase of the contract retention time

In addition, we have adjusted the deletion of prepaid contracts. Expiring prepaid contracts will be held after expiry of the term for 14 days, can be extended during this period and will be deleted only after expiry of the 14-day retention period. So, if you forget to renew your prepaid contract, it’s most likely not too late – you can renew and reactivate the contract anytime within these 14 days.

Small changes to our Invoicing

As requested by some customers, we’ve implemented to output invoices as pdf file containing the customer-id and invoice-id, which is great to easily retrieve all your invoices in a sorted manor. For upcomming releases, we’re planning to implement a feature to export all available invoices at once, which is interesting for business customers and their accounting department.