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How to use Mosh as improved ssh implementation

Mosh (Mobile Shell) is a remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo and line editing of user keystrokes. What does that mean in general? Mosh is able to keep your ssh connection alive, even when your network connection dies. With a regular ssh server/client setup, a reconnection means you […]

Implementation of BGP Flowspec in our network

BGP Flowspec allows network operators to filter or rate-limit specific traffic upstream before it reaches the network of the designated ip-address. Flowspec is supported by most modern routers and can be implemented easily. Within our setup, it’s done by a few rules and an additional BGP Session. This allows us to filter or rate-limit large […]

Bandwith upgrade to Core-Backbone (AS33891)

We have just upgraded our connectivity to Core-Backbone (AS33891) by another 40Gbit Port at our Interxion Frankfurt site (FFM3). The upgrade provides us with more resilience against ddos attacks and bandwith for traffic intensive applications.

Simplified and secure IPMI access

All our servers are comming with IPMI access, which offers a great possibility to control your server as you would stand in front of it. To provide our customers with secure access to their servers IPMI, we have a self developed service in place which requires to whitelist the clients ip-address before access is granted. […]

New uplink to RETN (AS9002) at Interxion Frankfurt

We have added an additional Upstream to our network. RETN provides us with excellent connectivity throughout Europe, extra redundancy and additional capacity beside our existing upstreams. The connection is done at Interxion Frankfurt, our FFM3 site, where we already have most of our connectivity to Core-Backbone (AS33891). Customers which are hosted at our FFM2 site […]

How December looks like from a DDoS view

With every years December, we see a increasing amount of ddos attacks towards our customer. This is our view: Thanks to our awesome ddos protection, these attacks were filtered before they could reach the targeted servers. We are very proud to be able to filter almost every attack with our self developed flowShield.

New Uplink to Locix Frankfurt

To continue supporting our growth, we have enabled a new uplink to Locix Frankfurt. The peering connection to Locix enables us to provide you even less latency towards your servers, higher throughput and increased network uptime. Other locix participants are welcome to directly peer with us (AS30823) if they meet our requirements. You can find […]

How to harden your Debian / Ubuntu Server against hacking attempts

Once you run a server, whether Cloud or Dedicated Server, it is necessary to secure it against attacks from the Internet. A public reachable IP address already presents a potential danger, bots occasionally scan the IP address ranges of providers and automatically enforce attacks against various services (such as SSH), with the aim later for […]

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is coming

Something’s going on! – Soon we will start the free beta test for our monitoring as a service (MaaS) 🙂 With the launch of the beta, we will offer a comprehensive monitoring system for the uncomplicated monitoring of Linux, BSD and Windows servers. An important must-have for professional server operation to detect anomalies within a […]